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If you’ve been struggling with how to use video for marketing, then this is your chance to ...

Discover the Secrets for Using Video to Establish Brand Authority & Sell More of Your Services to Your Dream Clients
Solo coaching option based on limited availability and the next small group begins...
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If you have been struggling to get your services to stand out...

If you keep hearing that video is a way for you to get noticed and to connect with the audience you most want to serve...

Maybe you’ve tried to do a few live streaming videos, but no one showed up. 

Or you thought about it, but each time you recorded a video, you ended up deleting the darn thing.

You told yourself it just wasn’t good enough.

A recent statistic shows that 80% of marketers would create more videos if they knew an easy way.

You feel that way too. If it were easier you might do more, but what is frustrating you most about video is:

You’re not confident you can represent yourself professionally on camera

You are afraid it will take too much time (and you don’t have time right now)

You’re worried you don’t have the tools you need to do it right

You don’t know where to start or how to be consistent once you do start

If you’re catching yourself nodding your head as you read even one of these, then hear me on this - you are in very good company.

There are thousands of women (and men) out there right now with these same struggles, questions, and frustrations when it comes to being on-camera.

But here’s the good news…

The right time to do more video is NOW!

I’m Tanya Smith. When I first started coaching more than a decade ago, it was easy to share a simple tweet and fill up a course or make a sale in just 24 hours.

But over the years, marketing online got far too complicated. Social media made it much harder to get noticed and the cost of ads was skyrocketing.

Much like you, I wanted to serve more people - I just wasn’t visible enough. Watching my Facebook Page grow was like watching paint dry.

I almost gave up, thinking “If I’m churning out all this content and no one sees it --- do I have really have a sustainable business?”

I decided to give the internet one more chance before giving up, because I knew that the people who did notice me found incredible wins through our work together.

I just had to find a way to reach more people in a way that felt authentic and right for me.

So I decided to do more video... and something amazing happened.

I committed to doing an entire year of weekly videos to see if it would get more eyes on my content and my business.

I recorded at least one on-camera video a week without fail, and when the year was up, I not only had a much more engaged audience, I also had developed systems that made going live easier - even fun!

I based my entire video workflow on a series of 4 pillars, which now have become the central foundation for how I coach my clients.

Introducing Stream to Sell

Stream to Sell is a strategic 90-day coaching program designed for service providers who are ready to convert more of their content into paying clients by using video throughout their entire customer sales process.

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything, the books, the courses, the groups, the conferences, and on and on, this is something completely different, because it will help you:

Become more confident using video so you establish yourself as the expert you truly are

Provide you with real-world guidance and technical expertise that has eluded you in other programs

Create a clear, recurring content strategy so you never run out of ideas for what to say

Gain clarity on exactly what type of videos will call forward your dream clients

Define clear calls-to-action to convert more audience viewers into prospective buyers

Outline a process to track the success of your videos and hold yourself accountable to your goals

This program is designed to help you move past the stress, frustration, and overwhelm of using video so you can focus on providing the best services to your clients.

When you apply the strategies you are learning with a laser-like intensity, it will open doors and create massive wins for your business.

I’ll be your guide for every session, facilitating your transformation into a more confident on-camera brand, clarifying your direction and technical decisions, setting up action plans, and holding you accountable every step of the way.

This structured coaching format is the ideal way to get the personal attention you need while staying on a proven track to video success.

Here's How It Works

Stream to Sell is delivered over 12 weekly one-hour coaching sessions to give you the exact steps you need in order to create and promote your service offers using video. (You can choose a 1:1 experience, or be in a small group of up to 5 people.)

Here's what is inside:

⚑ Pre-Work

I’ll provide you with access to a proprietary brand assessment to highlight your unique personality traits and suggest marketing phrases, visuals, etc that might be useful in developing your video persona.

⚑ Jumpstart Session

This is your success springboard that will lay the foundation for the exciting work to follow. It’s a 45-minute private call, where we verify your program goals, review your brand assessment results, as well as an introduction of the 90-day system, the coaching schedule and more! *Even if you are in the group, you get this solo session included.

⚑ Video Strategy Sessions

These are 60-minute intensive personal coaching calls that will be held weekly over the 90 days.

You’ll receive interactive exercises and worksheets to complete, along with action steps that will keep you moving forward, gaining more and more momentum as we forge ahead to build out your video marketing blueprint. Recordings will be provided to you after each session.

⚑ Accountability Check-In

Each week I will personally review your input and give you constructive, usable feedback to keep you on track—this is the critical accountability factor you’ve been missing!

⚑ Caring Support

You will receive ongoing email and instant messaging support throughout your program, which makes for a VERY positive, encouraging space so you feel safe and empowered.

⚑ Members-Only Access to the Stream to Sell Coaching Hub

This is the Secure, Password Protected area reserved just for you to download all your materials and extra educational content, including workbooks, checklists, motivation boosters and more.

Let's take a look at the 4 Pillars of Video Marketing we will cover in the program

Week 1-2: Pillar One | Confidence-building. You will be empowered to identify and overcome self-limiting beliefs while adopting ‘courage boosters’ to feel and speak more powerfully on camera. We will co-partner to envision and create your sacred studio/space for recording videos.

Week 3-7: Pillar Two | Content Creation. You will get practical tips, tools and tactics for designing video creatives, editing and repurposing your content. Get clarity on your Most Valuable Viewer (MVV) profile, and identify the right topics for your video editorial calendar.

Week 7-9: Pillar Three | Consistency & Flow. You will define your workflows for before, during and after your videos are recorded. Adopt personalized checklists and spreadsheets to stay on track, and to delegate work where possible.

Week 10-11: Pillar Four | Client Conversion. You will map out your videos strategically according to the unique customer experience that moves your viewers into your sales/buying cycle. Learn how to leverage key engagement techniques while speaking on-camera that drive viewers to the next best action, and more.

Week 12: Implementation & Support. At this point, it’s time to execute on actions you have planned out during the program. Get real-time feedback and measure how successfully your strategies are working, where tweaks can be made, and improvements put in place.

Exclusive "Done for You" Bonuses

Bonus Gift 1:

You will receive a done-for-you Ultimate Video Boss package: my team and I will design 1 intro or outro video using your images, and other royalty-free media that complements your business style & brand. (a $250 value)

Bonus Gift 2

Get access to my popular 3-hour boot camp training on How to Repurpose Your Live Video so you can learn a process for converting your live or pre-recorded videos into multiple forms of content that keep you visible 24/7 on every platform you choose! (a $500 value)

Why you should take advantage...

You’ll be learning from a proven coaching and video marketing expert, with a formal education and credentials, as well as ‘street smart’ credentials, having gone through her own marketing challenges for more than 10 years. I finally figured out a system that works!

My experience and perspectives have been featured in video, radio, and on stage as a guest speaker for national organizations and events like Rocks Digital as well as in print, highlighted on the cover for high profile magazines like Marketing, Media & Money, Bronze, and Visionocity.

Today I’m better for having experienced the pain and struggle of having to overcome professional invisibility, and having earned my Masters of Business Administration (MBA), becoming a certified digital marketing and branding coach, a neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) & Myers-Briggs practitioner, facilitator and writer, I am well prepared - both professionally and personally - to help YOU as you take a stand to showcase your own expertise through on-camera content strategies.

The reviews are in!
Read some of these inspiring testimonials about working with Tanya

"Tanya makes the complex easy to understand with her Get Noticed with Video Challenge. Her style of coaching is just like having a conversation with your best friend. She instills confidence, calmness, and preparedness which inspire you."

Lucy Hoger
Editor and Publisher, Visionocity Magazine

"I simply can't thank Tanya enough for helping me gain clarity on how to create better videos to market my services. I love doing video but just did not have a strategy and the technology know-how. I feel more confident and ready to go!!"

Nickquolette Barrett
Career Strategist,

Pam Reaves, Pam Reaves Coaching & Consulting

Just imagine how it can all come together as you finally understand what it takes to record videos that attract your ideal audience, boost your brand awareness, and help you get more paying clients.

Making this happen is easier than you think, when you have real action steps, accountability, and guidance from an expert content marketer.

Let's Review

When you invest in the Stream to Sell program, it’s a professional AND personal investment. It includes:

Jumpstart private call to outline your goals & review your unique brand assessment  results

12 weeks of structured one-hour coaching calls 

Unlimited access through email and instant messaging 

Worksheets, charts, and checklists of all the systems you need for your video content blueprint 

Recordings of every call 

Weekly accountability check-ins so you never fall off track 

Including unique done-for-you bonuses (value $750):
professionally designed, branded video content created by my team

What would you expect to invest in this transformational program?

Well, if you guessed $10,000 you would be right in terms of value, but you’d be off when it comes to affordability.

Your 90-day program is just $3500, or 3 easy monthly payments of $1300 for the group; OR

You can get completely personal attention in a 1:1 program at $5000, or 3 easy monthly payments of $1800

Yes - all for less than half the actual value!

This offer is limited and I will only take no more than 5 clients in the group at a time to dedicate attention and resources to your success.

P.S. Not every coach and client relationship is meant to be. If you and I haven't worked together before,  or if you have questions about our compatibility with coaching, Let's connect for a Discovery Call to be sure it's a fit.

I want to equip you with exactly what you need to leverage video with purpose and the right systems because I know how this can transform your business forever.  

See you soon,

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P.S. If you’re wanting to establish an expert brand online and sell more of your services to your ideal clients, video marketing is the way to go. Stream to Sell is a personalized blueprint that is just right for your brand, where you get support and accountability from a proven industry professional. 

P.P.S. Groups are not for everybody. If you prefer to have 1:1 private coaching, we do extend this opportunity as well to a limited number of clients. Just choose the option that suits your needs.

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